Brifield LTD is a UK based company that exclusively sells security products.

Brifield is passionate about providing security products to our customers, we believe security products makes people's lives safer.  We are constantly reinvesting, expanding and innovating, we are very motivated to grow the company at every opportunity. We thrive on giving the absolute best customer service possible, and we always go above and beyond to satisfy our customers and to win their trust and loyalty.

Our main products are body cameras at the moment, but we are investing in new security products.

The prices of our competitors body cameras can be over many people’s budgets, this is where Brifield comes in. We offer high quality, feature rich body worn cameras at affordable prices. We give free and fast delivery on all our products; provide fast and reliable customer service and we include some great accessories already included in the box with the body camera.

So, whether you are a security company that needs body cameras for your staff, a security guard or an individual that wants a body camera for personal footage, you have come to the right place.



works straight out the box

Brifield body cameras work straight out the box, no drivers, no disks, no fuss.

Accessories with every camera

Chest harness and klickfast stud are all included with the Brifield body cameras

1 year warranty

We offer an exclusive 1 years warranty on all our products

Free Delivery

We give free and fast delivery on all our products. Once your order is placed you will receive your order within 1-2 working days

VAT Registered

Brifield LTD is VAT registered in the UK. If you are also VAT registered in the UK, you can claim VAT back on all the products you buy from Brifield

fast & reliable customer service

We provide fast, helpful customer service and knowledgeable tech support. If you ever need our help, we are a phone call or email away